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how is the barre different than other workout methods, like yoga & pilates?

honestly, the barre is simply unlike anything else out there. barre classes are unparalleled in their efficiency & effectiveness, and beyond that, the community we have created at the barre will ensure you feel both supported in achieving your unique personal goals and challenged to set the bar(re) higher.  we have so many clients say they never knew they could love their workout routine until they met the barre, and we think that says it all: the best workout is the kind you want to stick with – our classes become so physically and mentally addictive because they are the perfect combination of fun, challenge & results that we know you will be planning your next visit before you leave your first class.

to get into specifics, while Pilates uses machine and mat work to work small muscles that focus on re–aligning the core, the barre focuses on working all muscle groups using the body’s own weight as resistance, and weight-bearing exercises are proven in their effectiveness at strengthening, toning and having a major impact on your metabolism. exercises at the barre are performed both on the mat and at the barre and use a variety of fun props – we find that challenging the body in new ways ensures our clients will never plateau.

while yoga is a method of physical and mental release and renewal, the barre focuses much more on results: toning, sculpting and fitness. at the same time, since our classes require such focus and concentration to maintain proper posture, you’ll find yourself blocking out everything else going on in your life for the hour you are with us, allowing the mind a similar release to that achieved during yoga; helping you leave our studio a happier, healthier you, and appreciative of the one hour of “me” time!

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how often should I come to the barre?

we find that the “sweet spot” for results for most clients is to visit 3–4 times per week. this allows you to see the most dramatic results and to gain a better understanding of the positions – most clients will certainly notice a change in their body in just a few weeks, and are able to maintain those changes and the famed  “barre body” in just a few classes per week going forward!

remember, the more often you come to class – the better (& more compounded) results you will see: calorie expenditure is directly related to the percent of lean muscle mass in your body – so the more lean muscle mass you build (the primary result of our exercises), the more calories you will burn in class! it’s a win–win situation! in addition, since we offer both strength & cardio classes, you are able to balance your visits per week to the ratio that works best for your body and mind – the barre has everything you will need to maintain a well-rounded workout routine!

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will the barre’s classes help me lose weight?

yes! the barre targets the largest muscle groups in the body (like the thighs and glutes) – the larger the muscle, the more calories burned! as you continue to attend class, you will begin to build more lean muscle mass, raising your resting metabolic rate, which can help you produce more energy and burn more calories the other 23 hours a day. pair the barre exercise routine with a healthy diet and you will absolutely see results.

perhaps more important than helping you lose weight – the barre will help you lose size by redistributing inches on your body as we sculpt, making you appear (and feel!) longer and leaner.

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can I do the barre's classes while pregnant?

absolutely! our classes can be incredibly helpful during your pregnancy, as long as you receive your doctor’s consent. both of our owners and a number of our instructors are living proof of the amazing benefits of keeping up with your barre routine during and after your pregnancy. staying active can help you feel better throughout the day, feel stronger, looser and more flexible as you get further into your pregnancy, as well as be an amazing mental release for you during your nine amazing months of creating new life! many of our clients have found such relief in their ability to push their bodies physically and challenge themselves mentally, all while maintaining the feeling of being supportive and respectful of the hard work your body is doing building a baby – most clients are able to feel comfortable participating in most of class through most of their pregnancy, and report relief in staying “in touch” with their muscles while their bodies are growing and changing so much.

however, every woman and every pregnancy is very different and unique, so it is important that you check in with your doctor to let them know the type of exercise we do at the barre and get their “go ahead”. our instructors are equipped to provide you with specific pregnancy modifications to ensure you feel completely comfortable in class, but it is important to have feedback and any necessary restrictions specific to YOU from a medical professional. as always, take breaks or ask for further modifications if at any point you feel uncomfortable.

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what are other benefits of the barre?

the isometric movements in the barre protect your bone health, and also increase your percent of lean muscle mass – the higher this percentage, the more calories you will burn throughout your day, even when you are sleeping! fabulous!

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I’m not very flexible. can I do the barre's classes?

we always say that flexibility is NOT required for our classes, and in fact, since increased flexibility is one of the great benefits of barre exercise that’s all the more reason to come! we will also have modifications for you, but we find most clients with flexibility concerns are pleasantly surprised that they are actually able to participate in all of class, and that their body naturally takes the slight modifications it needs. if you ever feel you need more specific modifications, your instructor will always be more than happy to provide those toyou.

whether your goal is to touch your toes for the first time ever or to do the splits – one of the most amazing things about the barre is that you are not just increasing strength each class, but flexibility, as well!

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is the barre sustainable and will I plateau?

incredibly. the barre’s classes are non–impact, therefore easy on the joints – they involve no jumping or bouncing, which can have a negative impact on your body over time. the more you come to class, the increased bone density and lean muscle mass you create – both long term benefits!

In addition, we like to say that you never “plateau” in the barre, so even when you have been coming for years your body will continue to be challenged, ensuring you always grow and make progress in your practice. since our classes are so individual, there will always be both modifications and challenges in every position for you to customize class to your desired level. as we like to say: “it never gets easier, you just get better!”

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why does the barre emphasize engaging your core throughout class?

besides reducing your waistline and improving posture, a strong core can increase your performance in all other activities in your life, whether you’re playing tennis or just lifting your kids. without a strong core, your muscles cannot move freely or efficiently, so you will tend to overuse your lower back muscles and put additional stress on all other joints – commonly leading to aches, pains and injuries.

the beauty of the barre is that we emphasize engaging your core throughout all of class for compounded results – so even if we are working the arms or thighs, we are always engaging, and therefore strengthening, the core as well.

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I’ve never taken group exercise before. can a beginner come to any class?

absolutely, remember, we are all beginners sometime! the barre’s classes are inclusive of anyone at any fitness level, no experience required! our class atmosphere is supportive and non–competitive – we realize that everyone has different limits and abilities, so we want you to get exactly what you want out of class: it is your personal journey.

further, each client can be challenged at their own level in class, without affecting anyone else’s workout: our instructors will give basic modifications (and challenges!) throughout class to help you customize your workout to make it exactly what you need.

we definitely recommend clients try our “open barre” class first – this class moves at a steady pace and incorporates the most classic combination of strengthening and stretching, along with focus on posture and positioning. “mini barre” moves at a quicker pace and reduces stretching time to ensure you get all of your strengthening work in, and “HIT the barre” is a very fast-paced cardio barre class that draws on your prior open barre experience. begin in open barre and you will be ready to try our other classes in just a few weeks!

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what do I need to bring with me to class, and what should I wear?

just bring yourself! we will provide you with a mat and all of the equipment you will need (bands, weights and playground balls), and have water and towels for you, as well.

wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in, but try not to wear anything too loose–fitting; it is important that our instructors are able to check your form and alignment throughout class.

also, we require that you wear socks in class to avoid slipping and help your positioning (in addition to being more sanitary!). we encourage you to try our specialized barre socks with grips on the bottom (available for purchase in our studio) – regular socks often cause additional slipping, but you are welcome to wear them, as well.

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do I need dance experience?

no! no experience of any type is necessary for our classes – come as you are! while our classes certainly have a dance influence – they are run as a dance class would be and are driven by the music – there is no choreography or prior knowledge required; our instructors will guide you through setting up each position and the movements so you will be clear on what to do.