i discovered the barre studio 3 years ago. after years of being a reluctant and sporadic exerciser, it immediately turned me into a regular and enthusiastic exerciser. for the first time i actually loved exercising, and it was easy to make it a priority.  although i became a devotee right away, i never could’ve imagined how important the exercise and the studio would become to me. i was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40. during cancer treatment, i became even more grateful for the physical and mental strength i had gained through barre. that strength, and knowing how to “dig deep,” helped me endure and recover from aggressive surgery. with the instructors giving me modifications as needed, i was able to go to class during chemotherapy and radiation.  barre classes helped me deal with the difficult side effects of treatment, and now they are a key part of my recovery. i can’t think of a more effective or fun way to build strength. best of all is the community of wonderful clients and instructors who have supported me on a difficult journey. the barre will always have a special place in my heart!