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    marni j, age 34 | hopkins

    i found my place at the barre in 2012 and since then have reaped so many benefits from the method, instructors and barre community! with my ballet background, i thought, i know ballet barres, and was ecstatic after the first class, knowing that i had found the antidote to exercise lethargy. while i set out to find a routine that would keep me in my skinny jeans, i have gained so  much  more. my purpose evolved from numbers on a scale to goal of strength and perseverance both physically and mentally– whether that be the perseverance and strength to stay down low in that flat back chair, heels popped high or the perseverance and strength to get through one of life’s tumultuous curve balls. building the mindset to get through the former helps when you go through the latter. class at the barre provides an opportunity, every single time, to set higher goals and kill it!  throughout my pregnancy, the barre provided a heightened benefit of physical fitness improvement during a period when everything else feels limited. i have never found an exercise routine that kept me this engaged after so many months and now years! i feel so fortunate that paula and rachel decided to bring their barre magic to a city near me and have built such a passionate staff of instructors who keep us shaking our way back for more and more and more.

  • nicole m, chanhassen

    everyone at the barre has provided so much more than a "a place to workout", but a place, when those doors close,  to say "what's up, inner girlfriend, I'm gonna need you to make it through today!" during my pregnancy with avery, i spent a lot of time in the hospital and though my blood pressure  and back still have not recovered almost 4 years later, my mental strength is stronger than ever! i'm living my "final 10" every minute of every day, whether it's with my husband, three amazing little girls or helping a new life into the world. thank you for the amazing service that you provide everyday. sometimes, while living your dream, it helps others to do the same!

  • Testimonial
    katie s, age 57 | minnetrista

    over two years ago i was looking to supplement my running routine. the barre has been a perfect fit. i love the energy and strength it has given me and i am amazed at what i can accomplish in 60 minutes. i appreciate that the studio is supportive and encouraging regardless of age, body shape or physical challenges. the barre truly has the best instructors. i love the variety and energy that each instructor brings to class and most recently the HIT classes. (AND the best views and occasional ben & jerry aromas!)

  • emily b, age 46 | chanhassen

    i am 46 years old and fitness has always been important to me. i am a yogi and work hard and care about taking care of my body. at some point in my forties as my body was changing i realized i needed to do some weight resistant training. i am not a big fan of gym weight equipment and find it hard to get motivated to get in and lift. i happened upon my first class at the barre studio to try something new. wow! i loved the feeling it gave me right from day one! i decided to make it a part of my routine. i love, love the camaraderie, each and every instructor is unique and motivating, the hour of class each day helped me grow stronger and leaner and YAY! my metabolism was boosted by my increase in muscle!! the studio and everyone in the reception are so welcoming. of course, there is not a better view to work our muscles than overlooking beautiful lake minnetonka! it’s clear that paula and rachel are passionate about barre and i am so grateful they opened up these studios and are sharing their passion with us all!

  • brenda b, age 51 | minneapolis

    i have always been extremely active and a long standing runner. however as time has gone by, i felt that i needed more all over strengthening and toning as well as stretching. the barre has provided that for me. i feel more muscle definition and strengthening as well as improvement in my posture, my core and my flexibility.  i love the fact that i can challenge myself at any given class.  i have seen significant changes in my body that i never thought would be possible at this point in my life.  for that i am thankful. i also want to thank you for the help and support that your instructors have given me.  there was a huge learning curve for me on all the different positions.  i love to be able to maximize my time and see the benefits from the classes.  thank you thank you!!

  • jennifer o, age 44 | maple grove

    the barre has changed my life - mentally and physically!  i have been attending classes regularly for almost 3 years.  i always enjoy going to class (even at 6 am) and i love that it never gets easier. i am challenged with each class and i always leave feeling great.  i have become more lean, toned and flexible and have never felt this good about my body.  i love the studios and the warm and inviting atmosphere!  all of the instructors are amazing.  everyone makes you feel special and important.  i have met some great people who have become a wonderful source of support and motivation.  i can't thank the barre enough for what it has done for me!

  • mika s, age 35 | minnetonka

    i started going to the barre about 2 years ago to get back in shape after two kids. the available childcare drew me in but after my first class i was hooked! the amazing instructors and the total body workout made exercising an enjoyable experience and class became something i looked forward to doing. my body has never been stronger and in better shape. now with baby #3 on the way it is a great prenatal workout and something i know i can do all the way until the end!

  • jenifer h, age 62 | minneapolis

    the barre studio has been a life changer for me. i started taking classes at the barre over two years ago, just short of my 60th birthday. i am stronger and in better shape than ever. i had been a runner for years and had to stop because i was battling constant injury. when i was distance running i thought i was in good shape, but after two months at the barre studio it was apparent that i was really missing a full body work out, strength training and stretching. i am amazed all the time at how intense this workout is and how great it is for my body and mind. for me, it’s not just barre classes but this particular studio that i rave about. their style, instructors and overall atmosphere are personal and professional.

  • mary m, age 48 | orono

    when i started coming to the barre 2 years ago i didn't know what to expect.  what i found was a challenging work-out, inspirational people, and a spectacular view.  i quickly became a regular.  compared to my past exercise regimens, the physical results from the barre (strength, toning, increased metabolism and energy) have exceeded my expectations.  more importantly, the focus on mental strength and the positive vibe of the studio keep me coming back.  i tell my family this is my "therapy!"

  • victoria k, edina

    i love coming to the barre! the physical and mental strength and endurance i develop there is invaluable and translates into all aspects of my life--be it playing better sports or having more energy for family activities.  thank you to all my wonderful barre instructors!

  • lori a, age 44 | wayzata

    this place has changed my life! since i started coming a little over a year ago i have lost 25 lbs!!!!! i never imagined i could have muscles like i do now and have never felt better. I was never a big exercise person until I tried the barre. now i look forward to going each day! full body and very challenging workout in one hour. and to top it all off I have made some wonderful friends!!

  • julie r, age 52 | eden prairie

    i can’t thank the barre and all their instructors enough for all the positive changes they’ve made in my life! as an ex–athlete, i used to workout like crazy: running, taking fitness classes, and lifting heavy weights. life was going great and then i was diagnosed with breast cancer. after radiation I could no longer do the type of activities I used to, and found myself struggling with fatigue, low self–esteem and bad body image! luckily for me, a friend brought me to a class at the barre, and my life has been forever changed. right when you walk in the doors, you feel special when the instructors greet you, and at the end of the hour workout, you feel like you really accomplished climbing a mountain. i found a way that i could be mentally challenged without running, and still become stronger both mentally and physically! not only do i embrace those ‘shaking legs’, but i embrace all that the barre has done for me!